By salary sacrificing these are the results:

Overall benefit to Super at retirement
Extra super at age
Yearly benefit in tax
Tax per year
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Take home pay after super contributions    
Super contributions (before tax)    
Government co-contribution    
PAYG tax    
Contributions tax    
Low income superannuation tax offset    
Total take home pay and net super contributions/year    
Calculator assumptions
  1. The calculator only considers your annual, monthly, weekly or fortnightly taxable salary (superable) as the only source of income. Any income you may have received from other sources is not factored into the results presented.
  2. The SG contribution amount of 10.5% is calculated on the gross income amount entered only. No allowance has been made for the Maximum superannuation contribution base ($60,220 per quarter for the 22/23 financial year).
  3. The contributions are made within the same financial year.
  4. The 'Contribution level' refers to the sum of the salary sacrifice contributions plus the after-tax contributions less the contribution tax (15%) on the salary sacrifice contributions.
  5. PAYG tax is calculated using the personal marginal income tax rates plus Medicare levy effective from 1 July 2022 with a tax-free threshold and no leave loading. The PAYG tax calculation takes into account the Low Income Tax Offset (LITO) calculations effective 1 July 2022. The Medicare levy rates used do not take into account low income for families. The Medicare levy surcharge has not been included in this calculator.
  6. No allowance has been made for taxes (including taxation that applies to the payment of superannuation and retirement income benefits) with the exception of personal income tax and contributions tax. If any of these other taxes apply, the calculator's results will be incorrect.
  7. Co-contribution has been included in the calculation. This has been based on the Gross salary and After-tax contributions that have been entered into the calculator. The Co-contribution rate is current from 1 July 2022.
  8. It is assumed that the Government co-contribution for the after tax contributions made during the relevant year is paid at the end of that year.
  9. Concessional contributions (employer contributions including SG and salary sacrifice contributions) are capped at a maximum of $27,500 per year and are subject to contributions tax of 15%.
  10. Since comparatives are based on the same contribution the after-tax contribution cap is limited to the concessional contributions cap.
  11. You are greater than 18 years of age.
  12. No allowance has been made for spouse contributions.
  13. No allowance has been made in this calculation for inflation or other changes in the cost of living.
  14. If your actual situation differs from the assumptions made, then the calculations may differ from your actual amounts.
  15. Overall benefit to Super at retirement is the sum of net contributions paid to super from this financial year to age 67 and takes the highest net contribution value of the after-tax contribution and the salary sacrifice contribution.
  16. Yearly benefit in tax is the sum of PAYG tax and contribution tax for the corresponding value in "Overall benefit to Super at retirement".
  17. The projection calculations are a general illustration of an accumulation account at nominated retirement age which is defaulted to age 67.
  18. The default price inflation rate (CPI) used is 2.5%. This rate has been based on historical and expected future rates and is the mid-point of the RBA target range for inflation. The actual rate of price inflation may differ significantly from this assumption.
  19. The default inflation rate is based on the default price inflation rate plus 1.5%. Historic analysis indicates a long term difference between price and salary inflation of approximately 1.5% and is in line with the Australian Government Treasury's dynamic microsimulation Model of Australian Retirement Incomes and Assets (MARIA). Accordingly, the default salary inflation assumption is 4.00% (calculation: 2.5% price inflation plus margin over this of 1.5%). The actual rate of inflation may differ significantly from this assumption. You may specify a rate different from the default rate to see the effect that this may have.
  20. A default of 0.484% of the account balance is provided for "Fees deducted". The actual fees deducted from your investment may differ significantly from these assumptions. The default percentage is based on LifeStage Tracker investment options (0.394% plus 0.12% indirect costs (indirect costs range from 0.10% to O.12%. Check the Product Guide for the relevant ICR cost for each Lifestage Tracker Cohort).
  21. The default net investment rate is 6% pa (net of tax and investment fees) for the accumulation calculation. This is based on similar assumptions used in the MARIA report. You may specify a rate of investment return different from the default rate. The actual rate of return for your investments may differ significantly from this assumption.

Underlying assumptions

Net investment return (less any administration fees) must be greater than the nominated inflation rate.